About Us


We're The Unicorn Shop, a one stop shop for anyone who loves unicorns as much as we do. 

This store is owned and operated by the Dezso family. We started this store because our daughter Gabby is in love with unicorns. We had a hard time finding unique Unicorn products and wanted to offer as many unique products as we could. 

She and her brother Kayden have been instrumental in the creation and design process of all aspects of the store, from the logo on our site to some designs on our products.

We have products and gifts for those who love unicorns as much as we do. Look around, take some time and find that special product for you or as a gift for someone else. Be different, be unique and stand out from the crowd with products from the Unicorn Store.
If you need any help with anything just Contact Us and we would love to help you.

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